Inventory bug resulting in thrall reset

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Online Official #1941

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Another player was giving me a thrall 2 dragonbone swords and 2 epic flawless pictish armor sets which upon picking up bugged my inventory. Note server had been very laggy the last couple of days resulting in delays between actions (taking inventory opening stations/doors etc.)

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  1. Player dropped items which I picked up (by pressing F (pickup all) at bag)

  2. 2 items disappeared from my player inventory upon picking up (helmet and bracers)

  3. Since I was over encumbered I placed my new thrall and told him to follow me current follower thrall then no longer following me. I equipped one set of armor on my character then proceeded to load the new thrall

  4. While moving items back and forth the game kept reporting when I was moving things to MY inventory that it was full (remember that 2 items vanished bugging my inventory). So since I could not really do a proper load of the new thrall he had on him dragonbone sword the chest piece, leggings, and boots. I walked over encumbered back to base gaining 4 levels on the thrall (erii the ravager). Once back to base I started placing items from my inventory in boxes and stations. One of the items was the obsidian spear that came with the thrall (I had completed the journey step obsidian weapon when I put it on my inventory).
    The thrall was standing next to me when I proceeded to log out of the game.

  5. I woke this morning just before the official servers restart. I waiting to log in game till the restart once I logged on. I found the 2 missing armor pieces in my inventory but the ODD PART was SO WAS THE PLACED THRALL!!! Knowing that he was no longer placed and not in my follower list in the menu that he would be reset. Once placed it was confirmed. No longer with the items I gave him or the levels he gained.

I now know personally when this happens to load all items into a crafting station or storage box as I now have 2 obsidian spears (one I placed in a station that I got previously from the thrall before logging) and another from the same reset thrall.

However now I lost the items from the day before. I am not expecting them back. Just wanted to give all the details on what had happened. Hopefully that can be fixed. Seems it the server might have had a lag spike during pickup that bugged my characters inventory. Where 2 inventory slots were half way occupied.

Hey mate, this has happened to me a few times and I’m pretty sure I found a solution to making the items reappear in your inventory. By the way you will notice if there is an item bugged out in your inventory (invisible in this case) because it will still use up your encumbrance percentage and in my case it was an invisible stack of foundations in my inventory. I managed to fix this by simply going to the main menu and logging back in. Hope this helps🙂

Normally I would have relogged right away as I have encountered this disappearing inventory before but I had to make it back to base as pvp hours were kicking in. I should have relogged right away but instead waiting till the next day I think the server reset gave me the lost items.

Hi @Cyber_Punk, thank you for your thorough report, although we’re already aware of the issue we’ve added further information to the ticket based on your findings.

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It sounds to me like Cyber_Punk was aware that the items were just invisible. Their question appears to be centered around how the placed thrall reverted to item form and lost it’s inventory.



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