Improve the hitbox of rocks

The hitboxes on rocks seem to have a life of their own.
An invisible blob that seemingly changes shape (hitbox) for every swing of my pick.
This can also be caused by server lag, but in either case it’s really annoying.

I can stand perfectly still in front of a rock, hit it once, and the second swing and beyond won’t do anything.
So I dance around like a crazed savage while I swing the pick as if worshiping the rock as a god.
Some rocks can take as many as 10 swings!

Praise the rock? for the 20 Survival perk, but please for the love of pebbles, take another glance at the hitbox for rocks.

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I think what they have is that rocks have mutliple hitboxes, not just one, so striking one (but not others) is why you would then have to move. You CAN hit one spot, and hit all of them, but its also easy to miss one or more hitboxes, and be required to move to completely break down the rock.

That said… It might reduce the stress on the engine and servers if they changed that, to rocks having 1 hitbox, with X number of strikes, and X number of material rewarded per strike (depending on the tool used, like it is currently)

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