Improved graphic on switch?

Have they managed to improve the graphics on the switch version yet or is it still blurry?

Hello @Prosperos, there was an initial patch for Switch which improved the graphics on portable mode, however, we’d recommend playing on docked mode for the best experience.

This isn’t very helpful what are us Switch Lite users supposed to do?!?!
Please don’t rely on brute force of dock mode, and patch up the handheld mode!

Hello, Prosperos.
November 3, I bought the game. As I understand it, there is a patch for the docked mode. But what should I do if I play only in portable mode?
The image quality is disgusting. Like in 240p. It is very difficult to discern objects lying on the ground. Eyes get tired.
When will you solve this problem? We expect that the quality of the goods will be as declared.
When? What is the approximate date?

It’s been a good while now, don’t think we’ll get another patch which is annoying as I have a Switch Lite, I can’t run docked?!

I got my money back from Nintendo (in e-funds) so I could buy another game. Funcom did a pisspoor job in converting this game to the Switch and they have probably decided that is´s too expensive to keep working on a big patch or expansion that will improve the graphics further in portable mode.
So speak with Nintendo if you´re disappointed, I´m sure Nintendo will let Funcom know what they think of developers that dosent met their standards of quality when it comes to selling games through their Switch portal…

The initial patch didn’t really do much for portable mode at all. However, if you give us the option to disable the Temporal AA that is being heavily used in portable mode, it would immediately clear up the blurry issue. Games like RAD and DOOM included similar options and it made a massive difference for both games. Making them much crisper on the handheld device.

On the Switch lite, with the small size of the screen, Temporal AA is simply unnecessary, and only causes more harm than good.

Go look at titles like Resident evil 4, resident Evil Zero, or DOOM 2016. They all run at under 600 screen resolution in handheld mode, but all look great because they don’t bother with a poor post-processing AA solution.

So for the love of Switch lite users and those that play in handheld more than docked, please just give us the option to toggle the AA off.

The developers of RAD, in their first patch, placed the Antialiasing options: temporal, fxaa, off, in the settings menu.

it wouldn’t be a huge effort for you to do the same. Especially since Switch lite is currently outpacing the standard Switch model in sales, so you want your game to stay optimized for the system it is on.

It would honestly not be expensive or hard to add a toggle to settings to turn off Temporal AA…this is the post process Anti Aliasing that is giving the impression of blurriness. Low resolutions can look amazingly crisp. look no farther than Resident Evil Revelations on 3ds, running at 400 x 240p and looks amazing. Temporal AA is a great solution for 1080p up to 4k displays, but works really poorly for handhelds with lower resolution screens. Not sure why it keeps getting used for Switch games.

The developers of RAD had the good sense to let us simply turn the AA off, or Switch to FXAA which looks much cleaner. Though I still prefer no AA at all.

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