Really bad graphic on Switch

Ok Funcom, so you have made a really bad version of the Mutant Year Zero for the Nintendo switch console, we`re all very disappointed. The question now is what are you planning to do to solve this problem?

It´s time to show your gamers some respect and post a thread or a reply on what your plans are to fix this???


Care to answer this Funcom?


i really want a refund. nintendo refuses.
you put photos from ps version on the nintendo shop. this is bulchit you mislead the people.
you let us belief thatit looks good but it looks like ps2 game its horrible its ugly its muddy blurry horror show pleas give me monny back 44.99 euro you even ask more mony digitally then pysicals shop ???

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do you have plans to fix this ??

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are you working on a fix for people that play on tthe go not the docked way buy underway.

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I applied the patch day 1 but the graphics are still bad and sometimes the game bug. docké the games is really ugly, even fallout 1 was more beautiful … Even on switch I think it is possible to do better, more images available on the Nintendo are misleading and does not reflect at all the appearance in games.

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What are your plans Funcom? You cant just remain silent and hope this problem will go away, you took our money and gave us an unplayable game.

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I’m also very disappointed with the Switch version. I’ve been very interested in purchasing the game for a long time, and I noticed it was released on Switch so I jumped at the chance. But the graphics are very poor. I thought it might just be on the smaller screen, but it looks just as bad when docked and displayed on the TV (A 4K projector!).

I understand that this is a Switch and it’s not going to output cutting edge graphics, but I feel like it could be a lot better…

I would prefer to get a refund and purchase the game on GoG instead, but Nintendo’s refund policy does not allow this. To rectify this, I feel the developers should offer owners of the Switch version a key to the game on another platform of their choice. The fans have already purchased it, so I don’t see what the downside would be of giving out some codes to them, and it would certainly help from a PR perspective.


Yeah, i also noticed that the game is being advertised with screenshots and video from other systems. The game in no way, shape or form resembles what was advertised.

This smells like a class-action lawsuit.


When are you planning to release the next patch Funcom?

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Make it at least more sharp. It gives you a headache looking at it. Can’t understand where is the edge of the cover.
Any patch in works for fixing this? I mean any answer is better then nothing…


I have sent 2 two e-mails to Funcom asking what their plan is? Will they release a patch to fix this? This was two weeks ago, still no answer…

What kind of company treats their customers like this?

Hello, apologies for the delay in our responses, we will be sharing further information regarding the patches as soon as possible. Some fixes have already rolled in for certain platforms and there are more on the way. Also, please rest assured that the we’re collecting and relaying information from all bug reports to the developers.

For all those disappointed with the Switch version: Go grab a free copy on Epic while you can. It’s just the basic edition, and I still really want them to fix it on the Switch so I can play it where I paid to do so, but at least this numbs the sting a little.

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