I want a Refund please

Hello . I buy an copy of rhe Switch Version from Mutant Year Zero yesterday and i cant play it because the Graphic is so mad. I play only mobile. It hurts in my eyes after minutes. I Download the latest patch more then 1 time . Nothing changes. I want a refund for my 30 €. that is rude . to publish something like that. Sincerely yours Swen Kuczera, Germany

Get a new phone cant request a refund cause you didnt check the specs my man

I bought the switch version a few days ago. The problem is not only the graphics who looks like a Nintendo DS game from 2005 (when you have games like mortal kombat 11, divinity original sin, pillar of eternity, doom 2016 and Witcher 3) you haven’t music. They updated and added the music, and days later another update broke the music again and there is no music. Only in the menu. And they don’t fixed it.

Is the worst game of Nintendo switch, and this company is literally a bad joke.

I write a topic a few days ago, and nobody, no community manager answer me. Only a random guy say to me: you are not important if you play on Nintendo switch. What the hell.

They sell this game just for running with your money. Tell this to all your friends on social media.

And don’t expect a community manager, or somebody from the company answer you.

When you have this phone 3 days in use and u see the Software is broken u go to your seller an get the money back after an Home Check. Thats it . Ok in Germany is this normal…

Dear developers,

I just want to notify that I’ll think twice before buying another game from you. I really regret not taking a look at reviews for Mutant Year Zero on Switch, because now I’m holding a totally unplayable and blurry piece of something unpleasant. I’m so disappointed. And yes, I do want a refund.

Thanks and happy Christmas!