Dear Funcom,

Please do something about the switch version, or if nothing can be done at least refund us the money, have been waiting a whole month for this game even not trying it on PC just so that I could have it handheld. And turn out to be the WORST graphic ever for a switch game, please fix it in the next patch or refund us for misrepresentation.

Clearly, the video you presented on the switch is something to entice the consumers.

If you want to build up your company please dont misrepresent your products especially for consumers who are willing to pay.

Customer who is utterly pissed and waited forever after all the delays.

I really hope the team does something about this issue.


Hey there! A launch day patch is out now that improves the graphics and performance. Sorry for the trouble!

I downloaded the patch and installed it and right now I am holding in my hands an unplayable game. It’s so pixelated, I can’t believe you had the nerve to release a game like this, after advertising a totally fine game.

You should be ashamed of yourselves, I want my money back!

I will make a complaint and address this to nintendo to get your game removed from the store until you fix your problems.

This is absolutely outrageous.

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The launch patch did not solve pretty much anything yet it is still graphically downsized in terms of details wise the menu looks nicer then the characthers.

Please allow the team to take abit more time to update the patch proper

This is just a rollercoaster ride for us consumers who waited for the game.

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Damn shame this port turned out to be. I was so excited for this game when I heard it will reach the switch. Wasn’t even worried about how the port will turn out given the fact that this isnt really anything special when it comes to graphics and we have games like Doom, Warframe, running perfectly on the switch while still looking quite great. Glad I didn’t preorder as I wanted to. After reading reviews and looking up gameplay on youtube, I gotta say this game is really hard to look at and that comes from someone who usually doesnt care about graphics. Oh well, hopefully they’ll patch things up with a patch that will actually improve things, otherwise I’ll just have to pass on this game.

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The patch is installed. But he does not change anything, the graphics are terrible! Are you planning to do something ???

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The graphics were improved with the latest patch. There are no plans currently for further updates to visuals.

Will there be an update to increase the text size?
I’m not talking about the subtitle option, i’ve seen that and i’m using it.
In docked mode i can walk up to the screen to read it but in handheld mode it’s just impossible for me to read the text.

So the game it’s really unplayable on portable mode …
If dev can’t make a switch version don’t make it.
Actually it’s a shame.
Funny to see screenshot on e-shop, that’s not the same game.
I feel screw

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I agree, it’s a shame

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I hope they reconsider and make an update for the graphics in portable mode. As the game is now its to pixelated to be enjoyable in portable mode. Its “under all kritik”

All review say the same : your game is blurry and unplayable
My game is sell back , i lose 15e on your game .
I was screwed but only one time, next time i will pass on your game’s “untrusted”
I really need too know what happen, who have see this and say " oh perfect, sell it’s ok, and drop fake screen on eshop , nobody see the difference"
Again : making a good game it’s impossible on swith ? don’t make anything.
You just make a game with 640*480 res and say : perfect sell it

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You really screwed me hard here.
The game looks atrocious even with the patch.
Most 3DS games look more polished than this.
If this is the best you can do then your best is nowhere near good enough.

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I think it´s important that we keep raising our voices here on this forum until Funcom gives us an answer about how they are going to fix this!

Is there something else we can do together to get Funcoms attention about this? ??

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No plans? Are you kidding, we can´t even play the game in the portable version.


I am a big fan of X-com like games. When I saw “mutant year zero” would be available on Switch, I pre-ordered it immediately.
But after several months waiting, what I got is an unplayable game!! The graphics are terrible, even with the day-one patch!! Look at “mario rabbids kingdom battle”, and then look back to your Switch version… What a piece of …!!
I just want to ask: did you feel any shame when you were saying “The graphics were improved with the latest patch. There are no plans currently for further updates to visuals.”? Is this how you treat your customers who supported you?! Like the arrogant blizzard “don’t you guys have phones”, right?
As the others said, if you can’t port the game appropriately to Switch, then just don’t do it!
If you want to, make sure you do it correctly! I would buy the PC version instead!
At the end, please take a look at your trailer at Youtube, and do something to improve the graphics, otherwise, I want my money back!!!


There was in fact an early patch that supposedly addressed this issue, unfortunately it didn’t seem to work for all cases, as such we apologize for the frustration that those who are still affected by it are going through.

Please rest assured that the developers are looking into all possible causes for the unintended graphical glitch that’s occurring specifically on this platform.

Do I understand correctly that we can count on improving graphics in portable mode?

The blurry graphics issue that has been reported is still being looked into as there are still some reports of it occurring.

There are certain graphical settings that have to be adjusted in portable mode since it has considerably less resources than the docked mode, so docked will always allow the game to have improved visuals.

What are these settings? Describe them here, I’ll try.

Unfortunately your site does not allow me to attach a picture. I wanted to show how the game now looks.

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