Anyone else lost music with the latest update in Mutant Year Zero for SWITCH?

Hello, I had a problem seeing how my console automatically downloaded the latest update of Mutant on Switch, to my surprise the game completely lost the music, I need help.
Can I download the update prior to this? that is, can I downgrade the games through an update?
Thank you.

Hello @civerned, welcome to the forums!

Are other sound effects audible?
Did you check the game options for the current volume levels?

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Hi, yes, I have reviewed all the volume options and they are at maximum.
For now, only the music of combat, of stage and in the ark is not present, I have used headphones, checked if any file has been damaged, re-downloaded the update, start a new game with a new user and it does not work.
The previous update did not have these errors.
If it is important to mention, I have the physical version.
Thank you.

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