Music bug on switch. (also, there will be a update graphic patch?)

Hi. Yesterday I bought this game, on switch. And in the last version (1.07 says the menu) there is no music. I hear the game have music since September, so this is a bug. Please, fix it… I’m musician and I appreciate the bso so much.

Edit. And of course, the audio in options is at maximum. That’s the first thing I check.

Also… Are you working on a graphic update for switch?

See you in the Zone.

No one? Is this a joke? I pay for this game and they aren’t going to fix this bug soon? A bug like this (music lost in the 99% of the game) will be fixed in one day or two in other platforms.

Other people in this forum are reporting bugs too, and nobody answer us.

This is a bad joke.

Alright, so I am no admin on this forum, but did you read any of the reviews for this title on the switch before buying it? I only ask that, because it is the absolute last version that they put out updates for.

I hope they fix the music issue soon, but I am not holding my breath… and neither should you. Not because they don’t care, but because the Switch users make up such a small amount of their fanbase for this game.
Also, you may want to look Here Switch version update thread

Of course I read the reviews, I don’t care about the graphics, but the music was fixed in September. Well, in another update they broke the music again. Nobody talks about that, or I don’t find it.

What the hell, I need to read every review, every comment on the red, or is not my fault if they broke the music again and don’t fix it? Is madness, every programmer fix that in a few days (or less) and don’t run away with my money.

I wasn’t expected found a bug that’s was fixed two months ago, and your link say that “music issue fixed”. I read it two days ago.

This company isn’t serious.

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