Please, stop the combat musick!

Please, for the love of all the gods and everything holy, give us the option to stop the combat musick. I already have the overall musick disabled, but i’m still stuck listening to that infernal musick every fight. Then of course, there’re the times when combat glitches (the game doesn’t know the fight’s over) and i’m stuck with the musick until i restart the game.

I originally posted this in the suggestions forum, but was advised to move it here under bug reports. I didn’t know it was a bug, i thought it was an intended “feature”. It’s the one really game breaking issue that keeps me from thoroughly enjoying this game.

Simple solution that even YOU can do yourself.
Go to your settings.
Look for Audio.
Find music.
Slide that little button ALL the way to the left.

Problem solved.

Can you do that?


Instead of being snarky, try reading my post. i already said tht i have the game musick turned off.

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i guess im confused by your issue.
i was also underwhelmed by the timing issues of the battle music.

I moved the slider all the way to the left, and all music was muted.

im not sure what you mean when you say that game music is turned off, but battle music is still on.

the only musick i hear in the game is the musick that plays when a fight is started. I have the musick slider all the way to the left “0.00” and it still plays. It’s been that way for me since the game launched, across different pc’s and game installs.

Hey there,

Please ask a moderator to move this thread to the bug subforums.

This issue is related to an one which seems to have not re-appeared since it was fixed in late May 2019. Thank you for reporting it :smile:

Be sure to give all the details you can, see How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ). You can edit your post through clicking *** More button and then the :pencil2: Edit button at the bottom of your post.


Great music in the game, but I don’t turn it on because constantly switching to battle music annoys me. It is not possible to enjoy music if the music is constantly interrupted. I also think that you need to remove the battle music or it is best to make the option to disable the battle music in the settings.

(Sorry for bad Eng)

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Well, i’ve run a file integrity check, have tried adjusting the musick settings before, during and after combat, hoping that if this is a bug, i can knock it loose somehow. None of that worked.

I really consider this to be a game-breaking issue for me.

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Wow that’s crazy. In this moment I have music turned down and battle music does not play. Wonder what if you try restoring all settings to default or uninstalling reinstalling? What if you turn all the sliders down? does the battle music still play?

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I’m assuming this is a single player game. Are you using any Mods?

As @ConanChick and others have said, it is abnormal for your combat music to play when the Music slider is set to 0. I have mine off; the occasional downside is I no longer get a warning about dangers.

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i reinstalled the game and that didn’t resolve the issue, however, after uninstalling it again, i went to the game’s folder and saw that there were still some folders left behind (why, i don’t know), so i manually deleted them, and did another install. This time things seem to be working. I hope it lasts.

Sorry to hear about your issue. For my PC experience, if my music slider is at 0, not overall music or combat music plays.

I kinda wish we had two options: general music and combat music. That way, I can customize the experience for my games. The music is good (in my opinion), but I get tired of listening to the same thing all the time, so I turn off the music. Personally, I’d like to keep the combat music (just not the general music all the time). But right now, its “all” or “nothing.”

I’ve never had ‘combat music’ play when the slide is at 0; that’s actually something I would want. Though I get that if you don’t want it, it can be annoying.


That would be great! I don’t dislike Conan’s music, but it can get old during a long session. It would be nice if I could listen to my own music but also have the combat music start to alert me when I’m being aggroed by a creature or NPC.


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