Combat Music Still Will Not Stop

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Single-player
Region: Single-player!

Combat Music Will Not Stop

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Engage an enemy
  2. Flee, do not kill, the enemy
  3. Combat music will not stop
  4. I have to log out to menu and back in for it to stop

This is -highly- annoying and frustrating. I cannot play to the combat drums being constantly in the background. Please fix this.


This is happening. Again. Same situation - single player.

I engaged a named fighter thrall, decided not to fight, ran all the way home (which was not far, but he is not pursuing). I am just standing around, waiting, but the combat drums will not stop.

To add to this, ever since the Followers update there have been instances where more than one track of the combat drums plays out of synch. This also happened just now as I finally got the regular music to stop, was running around, and out of nowhere two of the combat drum tracks begin, out of synch, and I am not even being attacked!

Please fix this.

Another update: This does not occur on a multiplayer server, only when I am in single player.

It started after the last update. The only real workaround that I know of as yet is to disable music. It’s either that or be a whirlwind of fury that leaves nothing alive, and that stops being fun after an hour or two.

That’s horrible. I like the music in this game, and it helps to add an atmosphere I enjoy. It’d be nice if they improve things during “updates” instead of reintroducing bugs they seem unable to fix.

Already reported and still not fixed…

Plz fix this remove my will to play…

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So many people having this issue. Will it be fixed?

The main reason for the music bug is aggro. With the introduction of thrall commands apparently a lot of trigger functions for NPCs got really messed up. This is on top of already having problems with NPC interaction before they tried to add the commands. If they fix aggro triggers it should fix the music triggers also. Hopefully they will focus on that as thralls not attacking and other NPC combat bugs have been a long term problem and more than a little game breaking. And I’m saying this as a big fan of this game.

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I am also a big fan of this game, and I deal with many of the bugs, but this combat music issue is nearly game-breaking for me. I cannot play with the drums constantly going in the background. This needs to be addressed and fixed.

I’m still having the same problem. I really love this game, but the unending combat music is stress-inducing. And I love the soundtrack! I’d prefer not to play without music. Shutting down the game and restarting is a pain, since it eats up a considerable chunk of time.

Just to let you know, it seems to have been fixed in the testlive branch. So the fix should be coming whenever the next update rolls out.

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I am experiencing the issue right now as I play single player, so it does not appear to be fixed. :frowning:

I am standing around in an exile camp on the southern river. I killed everything that attacked me, yet the combat drums will not stop. This is exasperating and really detracts from the game, making it all but unplayable.

This is ridiculous. Is Funcom just incapable of fixing this, or are they unwilling?

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It’s a work in progress. After the latest test patch, I’ve already found a couple scenarios where the music continues, but it’s significantly better than it had been.

One of the scenarios I found involves other creatures fighting each other. So if you encounter that, it’s possible that’s causing it. But I have been playing mostly in the test branch, so I sometimes I forget what the live branch is like.

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@Ignasi please fix this problem. At the moment I try to kill every enemy to avoid this permanent brainwashing.

Hey everybody,

We fixed this issue internally and was scheduled to come as part of Hotfix 1 for Update 41. However, other critical issues took priority in the meanwhile. It’s possible that our next hotfix, scheduled for today, doesn’t include this fix since our priority at the moment is to get the other problems resolved as soon as possible. If that is the case, then it will be part of the second hotfix, also scheduled to come as soon as possible but after the critical hotfix.


That’s good to know, but to me, this deserves more priority. The incessant drums is akin to torture. It would also seem to me that problems Funcom unintentionally introduced (since this worked just fine before) should also be made a higher priority.

There’s an audio slider for music. It can be set to zero.

The other “major issues” are online characters getting deleted, servers unable to run for longer than 5 minutes, and servers not appearing in the server list.

There’s a solution for one of these things temporarily. The others cannot be solved by a player. I’d recommend the bigger picture view, even if it doesn’t affect you.


Seems like these “updates” just keep making things worse, don’t they? I am loathe to defend Funcom in this as I have seen how they have failed to fix things throughout the life of the game even as they break more than they fix with updates. The quality needs improving across the board.

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Still not working correctly. Takes too long to stop, or will not stop. It even started up when I killed an unconscious NPC then would not stop. Sometimes, if I port away, it will stop, but even that does not always work.

Please fix this!

Still not working. Animals near me (shalebacks and imps) will get into a fight with each other. This triggers the drums even though they are not attacking me. I go over and kill them all, just to try to stop the drums, and even with them all dead, the drums will not stop.

Please fix this.