Combat Music Still Will Not Stop

This is still an issue. A spider was chasing me. I turned to fight it. I suppose I was at the edge of its aggro range, because it turned and disappeared, presumably warping back, but the combat music remains.

As if this continued frustration is not enough, now the regular background music is not working. So I am left with no good music and constant combat drums. No fixes but new bugs.

I am at the Summoning Place and two different combat drum tracks are playing out of synch. They will not stop. I killed everything, but they will not stop.

Please fix this.

Hey there,

A PC TestLive Hotfix adressing several most requested issues, including some of the endless combat music, was pushed out this morning:

You’re welcome to test the issues listed in the patch notes and use the thread to let the developers know if the hotfix fixes the issues. Meanwhile, please be patient as they try to address the ongoing issues with servers and Funcom Live Services. More fixes will come to Live and TestLive in due time.

Note, keep an eye on the forums for patch notes. They are :pushpin: pinned on the forums.


I have the same issue, it seems to only occur for animals though and not all the time either, but when it does I have to log out to stop it, it also prevents the soothing buff from occurring.

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