Combat music constantly getting "stuck"

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug | Misc

Since the last update the combat music gets stuck and never stops playing even if there is no enemy around or all killed. It’s really annoying. In order to fix it I have to restart the game.

On a similar note: Age of Conan had / has this exact problem since a patch years ago as well, why does this happen in your games Funcom? (though in AoC it was even worse because the music would stack each time you got into combat, creating a noisy mess)

I don’t want to disable music completely, that’s boring, but if the combat music is always playing I have no other choice than doing so.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Get into combat with enemies.
  2. Leave “combat mode” by either running way or killing the enemies.
  3. Combat music is now stuck and wont stop playing.
  4. To fix it: restart the game (annoying as hell)

def new bug with followers two, i get it all the time

Me too but I walk around and do some stuff and it eventually stop but yeah

On xbox

Yeah sometimes it plays unusually long and then stops. but more often than that it keeps playing non stop.

Agreed this is boring . Last time I played the game, horses weren’t implemented. Now combat music is permanently trigerred. I play solo. Even using cheats doesn’t stop the aggro. This is boring Funcom !

Edit : I don’t even know what I aggro-ed as I can stay and die from thrust and hunger while no one is coming…

I’ve been having the same problem. I play solo, and when I withdraw from a combat, run away, or even if an enemy takes a momentary interest in me before joining a different battle, the battle music just won’t stop. It keeps playing even while I’m off mining or building, and it makes me really tense (which isn’t great since I’m already tense just from trying to keep my character alive while trying to find iron).

I have found a “solution” to fix this issue:
The enemies that are chasing you often get “stuck” after a certain distance. If you run back and kill this enemy the combat music stops. It’s really annoying, especially if you ride your horse and don’t even realize where that enemy was / is.

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This usually works as long as the mob isn’t undermesh, which has happened to me occasionally.

For me this tends to happen even with no enemies around or after having finished combat.

Really annoying

Oh, just had it happen even between zones. Entered the silver mine while the combat music was played and it never stopped… for 15 minutes. Only stopped after I warped home. With a headache.

@Ignasi Any idea if this is being looked into as well? I’m to the point where turning off music or just staying in my base is the only option.

Every once in a while if you change biomes, the new biome music will play, but the first time you aggro anything you’re stuck again.

Oh, man! Can´t we just get a small hotfix?
Like, for the abysmal remnant and the combat music loop?
Especially the music is very annoying right now!

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Yeah, combat music not stopping is so annoying lol.

Sometimes even passing by NPC fighting crocs or hyenas or whatever triggers the combat music and just doesn’t stop even if i don’t engage and im already far enough. So i just turn around and go kill them all to stop music.

Also many times i just log to main menu to stop it. :confused:

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