End_Combat_Music : Missing trigger


Just watch this video on Youtube
Tihs is a bug not a feature…


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I reported this last patch and still no fix in sight. This bug seems to happen constantly on single player. I understand is not priority compared major bugs, glitches and exploits but it still immersion breaking and I wish we could have different settings for music like other games do. Combat music, background music, repetitive music etc.

I’ve launched the game and found something weird,

  • combat music is launched if I’m near a combat without being aggroed.
  • killing stunned npc starts combat music

I’d love to know if this is hard coded or moddable with the devkit because I feel this is pure nonsense and I downloaded the kit (185 GB) for only 3 reasons, this “madness” being one of them.

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Replying to myself for all readers : “combat music is launched if I’m near a combat without being aggroed.”

In fact I was taking aggro. I was taking aggro for whatever was 9000, which is 90m, around with really crazy things happening. (90m… scale up the whole World by at least 4 (2x×2x) if you want to use this value Mr developpers !)

I put the MaxAggroRange server setting to 2500 (25m, somewhat realistic related to the scale of the World) and the game became far better. My current toon is 37.

  • I went to the village near the dungeon, I was noticed by two fighters, killed them but was too near from another group of 4. They all went after me. I killed 3 and went away. I lost aggro and music went back to “ambient”.
  • I took aggro on a few crocodiles jumped into water and lost aggro after a short time. I’ll do some other tries tomorrow , like verifying the behaviour at the “big tree” at “3 rivers” (look at the map you’ll recognize^^)

New test today : with a follower it’s far harder to lose aggro even if my follower (t2 fighter level 3) was called back to leave fight

Taking aggro just by being seen (just passing by a fight between demons and animals) the re-taking aggro (further awxay > 50m) wityh 2 demons and kill them -> infinite aggro, I had to relog

Ok Mr developpers : latest test was done near Hanuman grotto. With the new aggro system, I could pull demons out the grotto. I also could make 5 of them pursue me for a long time. It feels so ridiculous, I massacred so many of them. Menace grows but “panic” is not implemented This system feels really artificial. I deactivated the 'easy music" with a small mod I made. No more test for this bug. Music is not the problem. “New” combat system is the problem.

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