Combat music toggle and immersion

Please Funcom, I just reinstalled the game after a break, and we have given feedback on this so many times, I cant fanthom why its so hard to do anything about it. The combat music is so repettative and annoying it really bothers me. I love listening to the soundtrack its amazing, but when you play this game for hours the combat music starts every few minutes, its ruins the good atmoshere and immersion of the game. it cant be so hard to make a option to toggle combat music off? Why do you think this game needs combat music anyway? we really dont, other survival games dont have music like this. The sound of the mobs is more than enough. the feeling of danger and immersion is important and the combat music takes it away. in a 6 hour play session the combat music plays hundreds of times. its so repetative I wants to pull my hair out. Please give us a option to toggle it off. So many times we asked for this.

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