Request: Option to turn off battle music

I tried to search and found out that many people complain about battle music in CE. I’m gonna try to summarize all the reasons why this option should be involved in the game.

  1. The battle music serves maybe the newbies, who certainly will appreciate the audio warning they are being attacked. For the others and regular players it’s mostly boring or annoying.

  2. There are maybe just 3 types of battle songs, which differ in how strong creature you are fighting, so it gets tiresome eventually.

  3. The whole CE soundtrack is beautiful, but one cannot enjoy the world music while travelling, just because on each step you encounter some exile or animal, and battle music interrupts the world song you are enjoying at the moment. For me myself it kinda ruins the game experience.

  4. The interruptions in battle music after you kill your opponent, and switching back to the world music also feels somehow bad in survival game. You should not be warned that you’ve been attacked at all, if you do not wish so.

  5. The only option now is to mute all music, and maybe listen to the world songs via some media player while gaming.

Anyone seconds this? The devs do heckload of work and improvements on issues people complain on (like raining inside buildings and so on), and I think that this one also has to be heard and discussed as well. The more the better. :slight_smile:

The best option is to add another slider, so people could regulate volume of the battle music (or mute it completely), just like they do with the music in general now.


Just turn it off.


True, that does work, but the actual world music itself is actually pretty good, sometimes it would be nice to hear it without constantly being interrupted.

I just start getting into the music in the highlands…and… Wolf. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I agree that combat music should be optional. I think it should be on by default but should have a check box in the audio settings to toggle it off. The growls from animals and battle cries from warriors are enough for me to know that something wants to engage in combat with me. Turning off all music is not a solution imo.

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As I said, I want to keep the world music, but not the battle music, which should be optional… :slight_smile:

I would like to see separate volume sliders for non-battle music and battle music, because I want to do the exact opposite: mute the normal music and leave battle music on.

I’m far from a newbie, but I like the “early warning” of the battle music, knowing that something has aggroed me. However, I also like listening to my own music on Spotify, which means that I have to choose between not hearing the battle music or not listening to my own stuff.

If we had two sliders, we could both configure things to our satisfaction :slight_smile:


Well, can be… This point of view did not occur me before, and it makes perfect sense as well. The additional slider would be the best solution. :slightly_smiling_face:


Independent sliders would be great!


As long as it doesn’t impact game balance in any way(wouldn’t want to upset the PvP folks), more player-facing customization options are always welcome. I like the music as-is, but having individual sliders for battle and adventure music lets everyone get the audio experience they want. +1 from me.



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I am exactly the same as Codemage, I want to hear the baddies coming, but also want to listen to my personal playlists.

So yes, a separate slider please.


I would be annoyed by the utter silence that would happen when threat is near and it’s still an early warning device…what would be pretty cool is specific music for type of enemy…undead, beast, demon, human faction, elites and 3 skull. Music changes as new types of threats are present…yes I realize the level of chaos that could happen in the music…it would be an auditory warning of ‘what the heck did you just walk into’.


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