Combat Music - Volume Slider Please!

I know this has been requested before but I think it needs a revival.

Can we please have a toggle to turn off combat music?

I find it really interrupts the ambience when you aggro NPCs, animals and monsters so easily just to have them killed in seconds. The combat music starts then ends like a racket… It feels forced and annoying.

I don’t have music volume on for this reason only as the combat music is tied to that slider. It’s a shame because the general world music is very well done and enjoyable.


Though i have no real issues with the combat music even if it’s a bit like you said, in this request can we add a volume adjustment on the world music please? I build on the jungle mostly because i loooooove this theme. So sometimes the combine of raining and this music is what really relaxes me in this game. But i would love to have this music way louder and the combat music way lower.

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