Fix the ambient music?

Why hasn’t this been fixed yet? I really love your game and I understand that you still got a lot to do. But straight up more than a month to fix the in game music? Please fix this. I was hoping this update was going to fix it but I’m once more disappointed.

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There’s a problem with the music?? It’s news to me.

I didn’t notice till it was mentioned either.

100% agree!It really is a joke,and i still haven’t played because of this.

I have the music turned off in settings since this has been an issue, and now I play the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack on repeat in the Spotify app for the PS4. Problem solved.

Seriously though. What game are you guys playing with all these glitches and music problems? I literally haven’t experienced any glitches or music problems…I have experienced lag and latency issues but not much. Maybe I shouldn’t have you point out the music problem. I don’t notice it now so if you point it out, I might and go insane. LOL.

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Hey everybody,

It’s been fixed internally and released on PC already. On consoles it’s been sent to certification. Depending on how long it takes, we’re considering merging that previous hotfix with the next one to make a meatier patch without further delays.
Apologies for the frustration


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