Sounds not getting fixed

So I just watched live stream on Riders of Hyboria, which looks amazing by the way, and asked about the missing sound when in battle. They said it was a console problem and they know about it but it is not important.

So apparently pc players got it fixed but we, console players, can’t get it fixed? It is bugging me because I pay for the DLC as everybody and this bug is breaking immersion. It is weird having no sound in battle.

I really feel like a second class citizen, and looking at how long it took them to fix some similar issues on ps4 in the past, I can bet it wont be fixed any time soon…

I stooped playing waiting on this to be fixed because they acknowledged it in the last patch that this was an issue that was known and getting fixed next patch but now it seems like it won’t and they said they have no ETA on that. So yeah, ps4 players paying for a game that is not even taken care of by the devs. Only if you are on pc. I won’t buy dlc anymore, cuz I won’t play until its fixed…

Hope I am not the only one feeling that way though

You are completely misrepresenting what they said. They said they are aware of the issue but that it’s not game breaking and that they are focusing their limited time on other issues that actually do impact game play.


THey said they won’t fix it right away so, basically, that is what I said…

Also they are aware it is a console only bug and, if you remember, assuming you are a console player, they took a few months to fix the sound delay on console…

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They were mistaken it was a console only bug. It’s on PC too.

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Really? In a topic on 10th october Jens said “We’re aware of this issue and it’s been fixed. It will be patched soon.” Thought it was fixed for pc…

Oct 10:

Oct 14:

As for what they said;
It has been fixed internally and should be patched soon (that can be any patch asap and may need further investigation if other issues are found or if the fix does not work internally or in TestLive).

As for what is in the patch notes… nothing. It could be left out, as is done with some minor fixes and things which should not be public (for reasons).

Ignasis or Hugo may be able to give an update on this.

If you are having this issue yourself, could you add some details? It could help fix any additional issues the developers come across in the future. :wink:

Sidenote: be sure to read [PS4] Conan Exiles Bug Report Guidelines on how to report bugs here. It includes what details you should add.

Hey there,

It seems there was some confusion during the stream.
Regarding this issue, it’s two separate bugs and as of the time of this writing, they are fixed internally. Plan is to release those fixes as soon as possible, so they will come out either with the Mounts update or with a patch shortly after. It does also affect all platforms.


Oh ok so that is great news! I was confuses because of what I read on here and what you said yesterday but if the missing sound bug in battle is going to be patched then it’s all good for me. Thank you

I went on today and the problem is still on PC, I checked in to see if it was fixed, but alas I ran in a world of eerie silence. There was no sound during combat, not from the hyenas nor my character. I checked if sounds regarding gathering were fixed, but no. In short, I don’t know how a lack of sound is NOT game breaking. I haven’t played it since they broke it and I have removed my recommendation of the game.

Ah thank you for this conversation. I almost reinstall my conan exile because the voice volume in settings is not working at all. Hope this problem will be fixed soon.

It will be fixed next patch apparently. It is on the patch note, just seen it on twitter

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