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Guys you cannot be serious, there is NO ingame ambient music playing since patch 1.40 !

How do you manage to break one of the most fundamental features of ANY videogame ? Are you for real ?! This is a level of incompetence I haven’t seen outside of greenlight hacks and their “games” on Steam back in the day. Release a Hotfix already and pray to god certain critics like Jim Sterling do not get wind of this emberassing degree of incompetence on display.

The game also has framerate issues since 1.40, just running around the overworld is much less smooth than a week ago. 1.39 was the most stable version of this game I played ever since launch and now you ruined it - AGAIN.

User Interface is still bugged ingame. When the Contextual Menu option is disabled it enables itself after a game restart.
Trigger sensitivity slider for aiming is setting itself to the highest value after a game restart. [0250 to 1000]

I appreciate the free content you gave us for 1.40 but you should start patching & fixing the core game FIRST before you work on DLC in the future. I did not buy any of your payed DLC content and by the looks of it I never will if these sort of problems continue to persist.


a very frustrated customer.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start up a standard version PS4
  2. Install / load the Game
  3. Wait for a freaking 40GB !!! download that took 3 hours to complete.
  4. Play the game …already frustrated bc. your online plan is nuked for the month.


  • Audio-Lag (harvesting rocks / bow & melee combat) is reintroduced with this 1.40 patch
  • Human NPC corpses go partially or fully invisible after killing them is also reintroduced.
  • Sandstorm’s now move trough the starting area and can kill you (not sure if this is a bug though)
  • Emote animation cycle for “arms crossed” does not work correctly (character resets to the beginning of the cycle just before the animation cycle fully ends)
  • Climbing issues, but I saw there is an entire thread about this problem already
  • Nunu the Cannibal partially clips trough the stairs of his Altar of Yog and runs around like a madmen after speaking to him.
  • textures look not as good as before but I guess you had to trade those for higher framerate, which is fine, just saying.

Is there any way I can revert back to 1.39 on my standard PS4 ? I’ll take the loss of the free content in order to get the most stable version of this game back.


I agree.I’m on the xbox,and the no ambient music is really killing it for me.Haven’t played in 5 days and if this hotfix doesn’t fix the music,i’m done with game.

Ditto - On PS4 and noticing some of the same issues (single player). I can deal with most of them but the total lack of ambient music is downright terrible. Combat music plays without issue. It is a shame to have such an amazing musical score and be unable to listen to it. Playing without ambient music is killing me.


Hey there,

We’re aware of the music bug and our team is working on a fix. It will not come with the next hotfix (due to be released very soon), but it will in an upcoming patch as it is still being worked on.
Thanks for the feedback and patience.

Well isn’t that great to hear. Done with this game. If a week goes by and you couldn’t figure out a faster way to fix the music, which is again one of the fundamental features of a videogame (still wondering how you manage to break it in the first place) then I have no hope in this game and you guys as a developer.

And they said Fallout 76 was an absolute desaster. But atleast the music worked. I’ll let some critics on Youtube and other outlets get wind of this situation.


Totally agree.What are we going to have wait,another month for the music to be fixed.It should be in this hotfix,what a joke.

Even though i don’t agree with the downright disrespectful tone of the post i do agree with the fact that no ambient music on top of lagging sound is very disheartening an killing the enjoyment of the game

I have building instructions stuck in screen like forever. :grin: Even when I’m in a dungeon fighting its saying increase decrease height press triangle. :grin:


Pointing out incompetence isn’t disrespectful when it is true. Have you ever played a videogame where a patch broke the ingame ambient music ? I guess not. You know why ? Because competent developers do not screw up this badly.
My tone is appropriate to the situation at hand. I’ll point out the negatives and appreciate the positives (as seen in my first post). Anyways, uninstalled the game for the coming future and made sure people know about the current trainwreck.

I paid for a product and expect the product to work. If it doesn’t fully work or has constant problems then I am well within my right to exhibit my frustration in a way that doesn’t involve swear words. Because that would be disrespectful.


Well said!

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Great post!100% agree.

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I do agree with you Admiral. Ambient music and Nunu clipping through things isn’t a pressing issue to fix when you also have players not able to climb or otther severe bugs. I do understand that some bugs are more important to fix.

What I do not understand is the fact that we as gamers basically slaughtered Fallout 76 since it’s release but Conan Exiles is in my opinion a worse experience than F76. (Never bought it myself, just saw all the problems and greedy practices sorrounding it).
I really do appreciate Funcom for Conan Exiles bc. they decided not to make it a grindfest in order to implement lootboxes and an ingame store to make tons of money. Well maybe Funcom is planinng something like that in the future but i doubt it.

Still, Conan Exiles is in my opinion more unstable and bug riddled than 76 is and all I hear is:

1.) “Thank you for your patience.”
2.) “Our team is looking into it.”
3.) “We are aware of (insert any bug here) this problem.”

Days go by before a hotfix is released and if we are lucky the patch / hotfix doesn’t break other stuff. Because if they do then a new hotfix or patch is required to fix the ones before. This mess has kind of a circular shape to it doesn’t it ?
And this isn’t a one time thing. How long is this going on now ? Since release ?

Something so important like the climbing bug or severe bugs that lead to content loss for players should be hotfixed in hours or maybe a day at most. But I guess Funcom collect all the problems they introduced via patch or update and then proceed to release a hotfix that fixes all those bugs players are reporting at once. They do this bc. I think Sony charges developers for every single update made to the game, bc. where do you download the update from ? Right, from Playstation Network. Without an PSN account you cannot search for updates for your PS4 games.

If I’m right about it then it is clear why they wait so long and collect as much bugs as possible before they ship out a patch.

But some bugs are so severe you should fix them right then and there. It would help a ton to create community goodwill and trust that they can fix stuff faster and permenantly.


Patches on console take time and verification as they have stated before, we are all frustrated with certain aspects of the game but at least they are actively looking for issues and addressing them. Conan Exiles has a long life ahead of it and I look forward to being a part of the journey through the good, bad and the ugly.

Does a hotfix work the same as regular patches on consoles? They must take the same amount of time?
A lot of the issues here ar frustrating me but if I get this right, it would be a lot simpler and faster if Microsoft/Sony either had their own testing teams or if the certification thing didn’t take a million years lol

Please fix the game. I found a base building game I totally have fun to play but so many issues with the game is not enjoyable anymore. Games are supposed to be fun not frustrating. Funcom whats happening?

There’s supposed to be music? My character on Official PVE-C Server 3829 has no voice. No matter what I do, emote, attack, fall off a cliff and take fall damage. She won’t make a sound. Oh, I don’t have music either.


The music,sounds,and the voices should have been fixed immediately,i consider them very important.Haven’t played in over 7 days,because of this.It really is a joke.

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Hey @Msausm001

If you used the “Savage female” voice preset, there’s a known issue which will make the character silent for some players.
Our team is working on a fix for the missing ambient music.

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I did. Thank you for the info, @Ignasi.