Ps4 is really loud

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]

Why is that with each update released, something else becomes a problem in the game. Right now, i updated the game to v 1.12 and as soon as i got on a server, my ps4 began to sound like a jet engine. First time i have ever experienced this. I tried other games like ark and monster hunter and they were completely running fine. I logged back on conan exiles and realized the closer the proximity i was from my base, the louder it got. If i was far enough, it becomes quiet again. I would rather not crash my console so I hope you can fix this without messing up some more things in the game. I have stopped playing since the anniversary update because we all know how that turned out. I thought i would give it a chance now and it is worse than when i left it.


I just LOL @funcom they suck at fixing the game, they only make it worse than before while taking a week just for a quick hotfix patch. hhhhh


Yea. They break more than they fix. At least the game was playable before the last two updates. The whole forum has been a storm since then. Everyone is complaining about past and new issues. Believe, the next hotfix will mess up some more things in the game

@Drifterz, your PS4 is making noises? Like the fan is turning on?

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It did mess up the game more than before. Now I have no music in the background, my characters has no voice, the freezes happen more often, and there’s a constant stutter every time I move my character LOL of course theres more to list but I just stopped playing it. Man I hope they fix this game soon D:

hmm i thought that was normal for PS4s to do. Like the fan will go really loud and then it will quiet down. It also happens to my PS4 pro but when I’m playing Apex or other games.

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hello, for ps4 pro proposes liquid metal instead of thermal paste, it has a conductivity of 73 W / mk (10 times better than the best thermal paste 6,5 W / mk), since I use it, my ps4 pro is silent, before it acted like a jet plane and no ordinary paste will fix it. You can do it yourself, find at you tube "liquid metal ps4 pro "

Yes, the fan. Normally, i cannot say for others, the fan of my ps4 is normally fairly quiet no matter what game i boot up. It was the same for conan until the recent hotfix. After the hotfix, the game is fine until i actually login into the server. it stays loud until i move a good distance from my base. I thought it was my ps4 but then i tried other games and my fan barely made a sound while i ran them. The worse thing is that is was the most loud i have ever heard my ps4. I tried to login again and it is the exact same thing. It is the only game so i would rather not crash my ps4.

I have an original ps4. I know about the thermal paste. I thought that was the problem but every other game runs silently except for this game.

Thermal Paste thermal doesn’t necessarily have to improve anything. I did that with my old PS4 several times and my fan wasn’t really quieter after that.

If your fan was initially quieter in a particular game and then became louder after a few patches, that’s a result of bad programming. As simple as that!

There are games with manual fan control but I don’t see the meaning in it.
I don’t know if that applies to conan.

My console is doing the exact same thing. Fan is running like crazy around my base but move away and it goes quiet again. I only have a small base and I’m on single player so can’t test it around other player bases.

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You are right. Bad programming. That is what it all boils down to. My ps4 was running fine even after the anniversary update, which was a disaster in its own merit, it was the hotfix that brought about this problem.

I can say that it is just around my base. I went to other bases either smaller or larger than mine and it was fine. I would think it would be same for you too.

It happens with all games not only conan but I can say for a fact that my PS4 made a lot of noise when I was around Asgarath or serpermeru… :joy:

Oh lol. My case is different. It just happens on conan. I can not say how it does at sepermeru or asgardth because i have not being there due to the annoying sound. Im pretty sure it would be the same. I hope they fix it soon because i have quit the game for now.

My original PS4 bought when they first came out used to do this. Looked into the issue and found out the fan was full of dust, I don’t have a dirty house but anyways I cleaned it and I’ve never heard it since.

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If the ps4 would be constantly loud, then you could think that it is due to pollution and thus permanently overheated.
But if that really only happens in your base or nearby, then it is up to the programming.

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It only happens in at my base. As i said in earlier posts, every other game runs smoothly with no noise except this which is why i am sure is bad programming. Also, it never happened until this last hotfix.

Mine was not always loud, only after hours of gameplay, or in areas where it required a large amount of resources from the PS4, but it could definitely be from a game as well. But since I’ve kept mine clean it hasn’t been heard since in any game or any amount of run time.

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I have this problem also on my xbox one x. A dead silent machine. Never heard it before.
But since the last update (anniversary fix) that is different.

I hear the system working, together with the terrible lags near player build structure it seems it have brought in a performance issue that tortures our consoles. Not only PS4 as it looks like, but also Xbox One X.