PS4 Pro Fan Noise

Just bought this game for our PS4 Pro. the fan stays at 100%. it drops to 60% if viewing the map. Any idea if a fix is planned for this or if the PS4 team is aware of this issue? The fan noise is ruining the experience of playing the game because the fan noise is louder than all sound effects.

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Is the console stable playing other demanding games or does it exhibit any signs of overheating?

Hey, @Hugo. The console is stable playing other demanding games like XCom2, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn. The only other game that exhibits this excessive fan speed behavior is Surviving Mars, when the screen is paused. But that is a known issue in the latest update. They really borked something with their shader rendering logic to send that CPU usage through the roof!

We also bought the expansion pack and it doesn’t show up. Do we need to beat the game first before it shows up?

The expansion should be activated after purchasing and without having to finish the game first. Have you pressed the Download button in the DLC page on the PS4 store after purchasing it?

it’s not an option and i can’t upload a pic or share URLs as a new user, so see this screenshot:

I’m stuck on v1.07. Do I need to beat the game in order to activate the expansion? Playstation tech support said:

Rest assured, in this case in order for you to be able to play this content, first of all you will need to finish the game, you will need to get the 65 level, after that you will be able to see an option in the main menu that says "STARTED SEED OF EVIL

ok, update on the expansion. I needed to start a new game.

This resolved the fan noise issue.

Correction: I only started a new game without playing and the fan noise wasn’t an issue. I still need to play for a bit to see if the fan noise is taken care of. The PS4 shows the game version is v1.14

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Alright, i was able to make it to the Ark starting a new game. The fan noise is very high throughout this entire opening act to get to the ark.

The expansion pack’s first few minutes have a much lower fan speed.

The game looks gorgeous, so I’m guessing that fan noise is just the cost of it looking that good… It would be great to know further what is causing it or if there is a solution other than ‘your PS4 pro needs servicing’, as our unit runs just fine with every other game we play.


Are you using boost mode? What’s your current resolution set to?

We’ve just tested the game on our PS4 Pro and the console was pretty quiet on the same version you’re currently on, which is the latest, even with boost mode enabled.

we have a 4K HDR TV, if that helps. How can I check the resolution that the game is running at?

Boost mode is turned on.

You’ll have to access your Video Output settings through the PS4 home screen.

We’d suggest experimenting with a lower resolution to see if the issue persists, as we’ve been unable to replicate it on our end.

Am also actually having the same issue with the PS4 pro fan noise.

Was at the mission “the sea titans” after that into the mission “house of bones” and then I went back to Ark and then back “house of bones” . The fan was really blowing loudly througout. Even when I went back to the main menu Or when I went back to the PS main page. The fan only started to slow down after I closed the application.

I have also selected the Ps4 boost setting.

But before the update this didn’t happen.

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Could you please share further information regarding your TV setup and resolution setting on the PS4?

TV - Sony A1 65 inch
PS4 pro - HDR setting 4K 60hz + boost turner on

we have a Vizio M65-D0

PS4Pro running v7.0
Display and Screen settings:
Resolution/RGB Range/HDR/Deep Color Output: Automatic
3840x2160 @ 60hz
HDCP: 2.2

Thank you for sharing this information, we’ve relayed it to the developers so that they can look into the matter and determine if something can be done on their end.

In the meantime, we’d suggest lowering the display resolution through the console options to see whether it helps with this situation.

Alright, I changed our TV to run at 720p and 1080p.
I started new games for both resolution settings and the fan noise was still present.

However, when I loaded a save game that was saved right after reaching the Ark, and the TV was set to 720p/1080p, there was no fan noise. When I changed the resolution to Automatic in the PS4 settings after starting that saved game, there was no fan noise, which was interesting.

So, maybe the issue is with the opening level?

Perhaps someone else can confirm/replicate these findings and pass them on to your Dev team, Hugo

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As we’ve been unable to replicate it on our end so far, it might be a hardware related edge case, but thank you for taking the time to test and sharing your findings with us!