Not running on PS4


Just bought the game for the PS4 and it’s not running. On the startscreen I have to push any button. Afterwards the game is loading and no selection (new game etc.) is possible. Game is updated, PS4 restarted, game reinstalled. No chance to get it running.

Same, I’ve been looking forward to this game since I first saw the trailer. Very disappointed with this issue. The status circle just keeps spinning away with no end in sight. Can’t start a new game. I’ve downloaded the game twice and preformed 4 hard restarts on my ps4 with no success.

Same issue here. I have two PS4 Pros and the exact problem is on both of them. It gets to the first screen and you can’t select anything. It’s just got the spinning wheel in the middle and you can’t do anything.

I’ve also tried deleting save files and even deleting and downloading the game again and it still won’t work.

It looks like a great game and I bought it the day it was released but because of this I haven’t been able to play it yet.

Please release a PS4 patch that allows your customers to play the game they bought.