Improvements that funcom have to add

Hi funcom, this post have some uses we need to the next patch!

First of all in admin panel, the “no building cost” is inaccessible, you cant select that option
Second is same in admin panel, early versions you can search “weapon” or “armor” instead searching one per one, in console is stressfull looking something you want and dont renember the name

Third related of admin panel searching is in console, when you scroll down, is slow but if you press the controller and the cross down go faster scrolling, now is harder to do that

Thats all at the moment :smiley:

Fixed in testlive


Nice to hear
What about the search list, like weapon or armour?
A patch ago you can search that and see only the category you write

Uhh I don’t think so that’s more of a qol but console in some case can limit these things because of the platform owners not game devs but last I checked there is a technical issue with that area but I honestly don’t remember where they put that up

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