Inability to Interact with Followers in the Sunken City

Game mode Online private
Type of issue Bug
Server type PvE
Region North America
Version 196231/23625

Visiting the Sunken City (dungeon) with a Thrall, I was not able to access the thrall’s inventory 98% of the time while in the Sunken City. The thrall had leveled up and I wanted to observe their inventory (to re-apply a buff) or to check their health between rooms.

No matter how long or frequently I pressed the Interact Key (E by default), I could not gain access to their inventory. Tried stepping closer, further, to the left or right of their body. Ordinarily one would aim your cursor at the Thrall, which was also attempted.

Only a few random times, did I get a brief glimpse of their inventory screen, but usually while I was repeatedly pressing E, and therefore the dialog did not remain open.

Note: upon exiting the dungeon via The Sentinels teleport, I could no longer climb anything, until I logged out and back in. I’m not making a separate ticket for that issue. You can consider the secondary issue if you address the first one.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Take a Human Thrall into the Sunken City
  • Try to access their Inventory using the default method of aiming at them and pressing the Interact key.

Sometimes it happens when you shoot a healing arrow next to them (pets also!) too. You just have to move VERY close to them most of the time.
Also in the sunken city you can drink anywhere, even in the dry rooms too. Maybe the game thinks since its underwater, no matter what there should be water there.

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