Cannot interact with thrall in cave of Underwater City

Online private
No mods

Once in a cave in the underwater city, I went to offload some stuff for the weight. I was surprised when no radial could be brought up. I have not rebound ‘E’.

This first happened yesterday and we have had a server restart since then. I have validated my local files, but no errors were returned other than the one that I use to skip the movies, which is normal. Having said that, I intend to await a server restart and try again.

Anyone else experience this?



I have the same problem. In my case I was able to interact with the thrall, when I entered the first cave. Inside the next cave I have had the problem.
First I thought it could be a client problem, but after restarting the client the same behaviour after I was in the second cave.
I’m playing on a private server with several mods, so it could be a mod problem.

No mods here, and it sounds the same as me.



Sounds like a rebellious thrall. You dragged him to some godawful underwater city and want him to carry your stuff? There’s fish demons all over the place, he can’t be carrying bags of stuff around.

Does he still follow you around? Or lost all interaction? That happened to me once in the volcano, I left the area completely then came back. My thrall was a few rooms away from where I left her (basically she reverted the last spot I placed her on guard mode). It seemed like a server/connection issue. Similar to a player desync, so after a while she just reverted.

And so I thought, Maedhros. He followed, fought (quite well) and ported with me, even after all the abuse I piled on him. He did have a bit of mold on his armor.

The only thing missing is the ability to bring up the radial menu by long-pressing the ‘E’ key. Even a tap did not access his inventory.

Rebellion is different to me, had it happen today in the mounds. A T4 Lemurian stood there and watched a Cimmerian Berserker carve me into little bits. She was replaced by a male who performed admirably.

I would go along with the desync reasoning except it is persistent and no lag was present in fighting or moving. 4 times now, farming the scales and pearls. No deviance.

Thanks for the reply, though :slight_smile:



Hey @Jim1

Thanks for the observation. We’re relaying the info to our team so they can look into it.

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