Incomplete Logs

The logs appear incomplete in what destroyed my Transportory Stone. Logs say that “Transportory Stone owned by Zealots of Ar destroyed by .[43]” Since I am playing on a PvE-C server, I am not aware of anything or anyone that can destroy my Transportory Stone without being identifed by the logs. I would like to know what actually destroyed my Transportory Stone so that I can take appropriate actions and prevent its future destruction. If someone has some ideas on what could have destroyed a building piece on a PvE-C server without leaving a trace in the logs, I would appreciate the help.

I can’t help you with the first part.
for the screenshot, just drag it into the post or paste the link if you have it somewhere

This may have been a neighbor’s purge. Was that Transport Stone near any other player bases?

My Transportory Stone is up by Bleakwood Ruins so its pretty isolated. No bases in the area.

However, I did not consider that a purge could have caused the damage.

Right now we are thinking that it may have been one of the Mammoths. Every few weeks a Mammoth falls off of a cliff and lands near the Transportory Stone. We are thinking that the fall damage may have finished of the Transportory Stone which is why the Mammoth isn’t listed in the logs. Not sure if fall damage by an NPC to a building piece is actually a thing in Conan.

I appreciate the help with adding the screenshot Keldy!

It got hit by a meteor

Yep meteorite storm. Start metal

Didn’t even think about that. Been a while since a building got hit by a meteor, thanks!

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