Increase Aggro Range on NPC Lookouts and Archers

Right now, there are places on the map where an NPC lookout is stationed, but I can run by without any reaction or aggressive triggering. Its like they don’t see me. Similarly, NPC archers on “guard” duty wait until an enemy is very close before engaging. For example, when running up the bridge on the Galleon, I can spear the archer sentry before he/she gets a single shot off. As soon as I step on the bridge, their lookout ought to be engaging me and shouting warnings to the crew. It feels like the NPC reaction time and distance is way too slow and too close. Please increase the range of lookout (sentries) and archers to engage a hostile target (even if it means NPCs have a slightly longer range than players).

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This is a terrain issue. Archers in a flat area like The Summoning Place will spot you from far.

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