Any chance of improving enemy AI?

Lonely enemies do not react when I shoot them with a bow from a long distance. The reason is not in the distance. If someone else is standing next to the enemy - he sees “hey, someone has just shot an arrow in my friend’s ■■■” and runs to look for this “someone.” But if the enemy is one - he does not respond to shots until he dies.

I wish the last batch of enemies had taken that approach with me…I my poor character looked like a pin-cushion… :smiley:

It would help of you say roughly/exactly where you experienced this as things can be very variable.

Were you solo or on a server? If on server, was it modded or not?
What level are you and what bow (and arrows)?
Were you in a group of players?
Whereabouts on the map (a named village/location?)
Had someone/something else also been attacking the NPC(s)?
Day or night?
Was this part of a Purge attack? (doesn’t sound like it)

In many cases you just have to accept that FunCom have to try to balance the AI and game at a more general level than we would sometimes like. If you are maxed out, most arrow shots can just one-shot an NPC. Your arrow could have stunned/knocked the NPC back (stands still). You could be way too far back and outside of the NPC ‘notice’ radius - it knows it’'s got an arrow in its face, but cannot work out where the damned thing came from.
Lots of variables. Be thankful - some NPCs can really pack on the damage and may even bring a lot of friends. :wink:

A more direct answer is that they are very much at work with AI, see :orange_book: Upcoming features and that it is very helpful to get in-depth bug reports and suggestions on their appropriate subforums :smiley:

After today’s patch, only 1 of the NPС out of 5 reacted to the shot and ran to me. The rest stood still while I shot them.

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