Archers Won't Shoot

I set up an archer tower, and archers will only pull out bow, but will not attack NPC’s well within range.

Set up
Eye of Khitan Bow
Serpent Arrows
Priority Stand and Defend (to keep from moving)
Chase and Attack distance 50 meters
Attack anything

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Hi @WhatMightHaveBeen and thank you for reaching out to us.

Can you try to re-place those archers and see if they start attacking? If you are still seeing the same behavior, please get back to us and let us know.

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Towers (or some times even simple cliffs) can cause 'em heavy headaches. Try placing them on the ground and see what happens.

I was thinking what could cause this, and only one thing came to my mind: if they are elevated, they have to look down a bit, and the edges of a cliff, a foundation/building piece block their full vision, because the game doesn’t recognise the weapon as the “muzzle”, the starting point of the projectile, but the whole NPC.
So the eyes of the thrall and the arrow “can see” clearly the enemy, the vision of the other parts of the trall is blocked by a little ledge. So no shooty-shooty.

That’s my guess.

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The Archer AI is broken!

It may work for skellies, etc. as all they will do is continuously back up, change attack angle, amazingly well and shoot like Hawkeye, annoying right?

Archers as thralls are useless, since well before Siptah. Their AI just causes them to be constantly backing away from the target, they will stop shooting when they lose LoS but won’t stop trying to back up.

Have base in EL.
Slope leading up to base.
Stairs lead up to foundation and gate.
Fences because they look good.
Archer placed on foundations w\fighters near stairs. Archer shoots once and backs away such that they no longer have LoS.

Same base but a higher platform, designed for an archer, mid left.
Archer won’t even shoot and wants to move to “safety”, I guess… anyway no LoS

Same base has Awnings and ceiling tiles on the foundations around the gate, for roleplay purposes
Put the Archer on that, right awning
Archer moves away from enemy until no LoS.

Same base
Tried boxing in the Archer on the foundations so they couldn’t move…
Used fences, but might have screwed this up as one of the fences was facing in and caused damage
Anyway the Archer teleported out of the box

To make matters worse. Every Archer I captured had a zero accuracy stat!?!? That stat rarely increased during leveling and more often than not the thrall gained perks that were NOT related to being an Archer. So much time and effort absolutely wasted.

The backing away can be avoided if you set the AI to stand and Defend. the issue is they won’t shoot at all. Tried both. I have seen them work against other players, but i am testing the game on PVE for Siptah to learn before it hits PS4 (where i pvp)

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I have tired that. I also lowered the tower to about 1 foundation above. They aggro (draw bow) but never shoot. I have loaded the bow and everything, as I have done it on PVP PS4 and it worked, but have not tested there since i switched to PVE PC.

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