Independence Day

Hey Funcom,

 How about some 2x XP and 2X Harvesting for July 4th weekend? 

4th of July is a big deal in America. It would be greatly appreciated.
Anyway, Happy 4th everybody!


Happy Independence Day @PEIPER! :partying_face: :us: To yourself and all of our American friends here on the forum. From sea to shinning sea. Hope its a great day.


Go outside, enjoy the weather, lol. Happy Independence day. :slight_smile:




As long as you give similar treatment to the other 194 countries of the world.



Is there an Independence day in China and Iran, etc?

I think was Kapoteeni meant is that if the Devs begin to make events for US holidays, then people from other countries might feel left out, and maybe want events for their holidays too.^^

But I see that a bit differently, I’m fine with stuff like that, and for example in my country no one cares for Halloween or Valentine’s Day, even after the candy and costume industry tried desperately to make this two holidays a thing here for years now, but we all still enjoy the Halloween and Valentine’s Day events in Online Games.^^


it’s easier to set the rates to double all the way through, since either way, a large portion of the 365 days end up being marked as a special holiday for a nation. we start with the independence day at it ends with the angam day of the republic of nauru…

Well, if you want to be pedantic…

By my calculations, 102 countries celebrate “independence day”, and quite a few others a similar celebration for similar reasons of national identity. ~30 countries don’t celebrate independence or national days.

So would you be happy with having an in-game independence day celebration for the 101 other countries besides the US, or can we include those who call theirs “National Day”, “Flag Day”, etc.?

(The People’s Republic of China celebrates their National Day, commemorating the formation of the People’s Republic; Iran actually doesn’t celebrate theirs.)

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Well the thing is it’s just plain unreasonable to expect an event of some kind for every holiday of every nation and culture. A few major holidays for your primary markets on the other hand, that’s perfectly fine. Doesn’t make any sense at all to be spending a ton of resources on doing an event for a holiday that maybe only 1% of your playerbase celebrates or even knows about. And if you did, at best it would really only end up being little more than a curiosity to the other 99%.

Most people by far understand this and are cool with it. There’s always going to be a few that choose to make a bid deal out of it though.

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national holidays are a nationally relevant event and rather uninteresting for everyone else. that’s the way it is, no matter how important this event is to you. but if you allow a national event then it’s hard not to allow another national event as well. where do you draw the line? from what percentage of the player base is a national holiday relevant for a game? my answer: it’s never relevant because it’s just a national event

so why exactly should you as a developer/publisher go into this snake pit?

i also have a list of 3-4 national holidays that don’t interest anyone outside my country… so please add those too. thanks

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I was playing Everquest over the holiday and they did a +76% bonus to exp, reputation, and rare creature spawns (the stuff that gives gear loot). It appeared that everyone enjoyed it.

With that said, the company that runs the game is an American company. Whereas Funcom isn’t. But I wouldn’t hold it against any company that wishes to celebrate its national holidays. There’s a few non-American companies that do in their games and I would dare say that it helps me learn about them. I kinda like the idea of cultural exchanges that everyone can take part in and enjoy.

I mean I could read a wikipedia article or a book I suppose. But I won’t be able to learn the personal and culture relevance of such observances. I can only learn that from the people. And outside of actually going to other countries (which is expensive and not feasible during a pandemic), the best way is to celebrate something together in an online fashion. Which is much easier and personable when doing it in an activity we are already enjoying together (playing whichever game in question).


Rockstar is ostensibly a British company, yet they consistently cater to the Yank with all sorts of festive July 4 WEEK stuff, from top hats to XP boni to fireworks to full ammo and armour drops.

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I love all the people arguing against 2x harvesting and xp, and they may not even realize it. I will gladly accept 2x harvesting rates when your country has independence day, whatever country that is.

Huh? Ton of resources for 2x harvesting? Okay LOL

I’ll happily argue against 2x harvesting, without even touching the whole discussion about nationalism. Take a walk around official PVE(-C) servers and witness the megalomaniac overbuilding in all its glory, then tell me if you still think 2x harvesting is a good idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If you’re looking for some kind of hard and fast rule on the subject, there just isn’t one. It’s entirely arbitrary and subjective. If say, 70% or 80% or more of your customers celebrate Christmas, for example, there’s really no harm in acknowledging that fact. If a game company is located in a country that celebrates a holiday that nobody else really celebrates and wants to do something for it, that’s cool too. The vast, vast, vast majority of players don’t mind either way because ultimately it’s just a fun activity or weekend stat bonus or something. The only place you really find any friction is with people who demand all or nothing.

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No because they arent free.

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