Infinite loading screen is back disk full on server side?

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1977
Mods: no

Bug Description:

infinite loading screen

Bug Reproduction:

open the game choose to join server 1977, wait the loading bar hit the end and stay stuck there until server restart. The problem returned, server works for the most of the day and at certain point everyone that tries to join got stcuk on loading screen. Problem stated yesterday and worsened today, making the server unjoinanble early. I seens to me like a kind of log partition full on server side just a guess.


You have to do it again and again after every restart after every update, when changing servers, when changing to client …….
But it won’t help with the black screen loading issue.


thanks, i tried it with no success, think my problem is more like the black screen.

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Worked for me. But only after I deleted the named file on my server. So, thanks for that.

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@Funcom - what the actual f… !!!

What… again… for the millionth time with your “updates” and “fixes” … just WHAT … were … you … THINKING!!!

What an unbelievably gob smacking clanger! Where’s the “Oh my Crom, players, we are sooooo sorry for this ridiculous situation…” Never seen anything like it. You are so lucky it’s still so many people’s favourite game because you drop the ball so badly so often it is beyond belief.

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I second this

Stuck on loading screen rigth now, no conan for me tonight! Luckly i completed my battle pass with admin panel in single player (that was toooooo boring) because if every day after 10pm i could not play because cant join the server i would certainly lose it, because of the few times i cant play is by nigth and every day i got stuck on this shhtt.

Stuck at loading screen by the third day, every day by night the server becomes unjoinable!

The problem still occurs time to time it make the server unjoinable after certain amount of time after restart.

Log keep repeating the message channel xyz is not fully open.

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