Infinite loading screen when connecting to any server

Game mode: online official and community servers
Type of issue: bug
Server type: any
Region: Americas

I can join a server after a full computer reboot but after about 10 minutes. i cannot join any server it will just stay loading forever even after 15 minutes.
I have tried
1- full clean reinstall of Conan exiles
2- verified cache
3- checked firewall
4- no anti-virus
5- joining through steam server viewers i don’t even see it in favorites or history even after adding it to my list of servers
6- I have no mods at all
7- joining the server via console
8- I exceed the minimum req’s and nothing is wrong with my hard drives
9- and no my isp is not blocking anything
this has persisted for the 3 days since I started trying to play the game again. Needless to say this is beyond infuriating to run into every time i want to play this with my friends. NEW restarted steam and it lets me join so maybe it has nothing to do with comp restarts

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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This is more for an out of box thinking rather then a solution (as I don’t know what’s causing your issues). Just trying to get the wheels turning, maybe it’ll pop an idea in your head to try.

Several months ago, any game I tried playing had insufferable load times. I was pulling my hair out, 970 evo NVME and it took 3-7 minutes to load a Star Wars squadrons map. Randomly stumbled on a Steam forum for another game that asked the user (who had the same problems) if they happened to use Acronis for auto back up. And, yes, I was.

Turns out that the version of Acronis I was using was too outdated for proper backups on NVME’s (probably also didn’t help that my hard drive blew up a few months later as I had unrepairable corrupted sectors on it).

May or may not be helpful, like I said just trying to help get the wheels turning.

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