Infinite Loading screen

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Im trying to connect to a pvp server that ive been playing on for a while

Official/PVP server 1932, 5 hrs before I tried getting on today, it was working fine, now, infinite Loading screen as I try hopping on. I tried verifying, I tried on both my steam accounts, same thing, no luck. I tried turning off my PC, no dice. Mind you this was an issue ALLLLLLLL DAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!

so clearly its not a client side issue, its server side, Funcom, Please deal with your server.

Hey Ojo,

Looks like we may have to wait for the daily server restart to get this resolved.

Drest here btw.

i confirm, imposible to connect to server 1932, please ask gportal to check this server.

Im pretty sure my Forum name defines my Ingame XD

I kinda wish they knew about this before hand, or they do and don’t give a flying rats plagued azz.

Still Unable to get on. this is an issue. I have things to attend to, lets go funcom.

server working now

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