Ingame-Freezes are back again after 29.06.2020 PC Hotfix

Game mode: [Online private]
Typee of issue: [Crash]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]


with the recent 29.06.2020 hotfix a lot (not all) of the players on my private server (g-portal) experience ingame-freezes after a few seconds of playtime again. The server is heavily modded, but ran without problems before this very patch.

The freezes seem to be the same as the ones which occurred after the FunCom-ID patch (and were fixed with a hotfix following that).

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Variant A - Client has a modlist.txt in his Mod-Folder which matches the server’s.

  1. Login and connect
  2. Play a few seconds up to a minute or so
  3. Game freezes

Variant B - Client has no modlist.txt

  1. Login, connect to the mod-check/download-window
  2. Client clicks on the download-and-connect-button
  3. Game freezes in the mod-check/download-window
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Hey @Lemoncurry

Welcome to our community and thanks for the feedback.
Please be aware that issues such as this one are prone to happen after an update.
Could you let us know the name of that server and its current modlist?
Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the prompt reply!

After further testing the bug seems to affect only some players (which could play before the patch without problems).

ServerName: Deppen am Daddeln

Mods (with SteamID)


A few further observations: The freeze seems to have exactly the same symptoms as the one which was fixed recently - the game totally freezes and can only be closed with the taskmanager but the toon still stays in the world for a while. If the player was moving while freezing this move is carried on at the serverside and the player will end up at the new position if he logs back in.

Furthermore there are people which can play without problems here even without a matching modlist.txt, but for people who get the freezes a matching modlist seems to be the only way to get onto the server at all (albeit not very long).

Thanks for the list. Our team is looking into it and trying to determine if it’s an issue that stems from our end.

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I asked a player affected by the ingame-freeze to connect to an official funcom-server (without any mods ofc) for testing purposes and he still got the freeze after a couple of seconds…

Update II
Reinstalling the Game, deleting all mods in the steamapps\workshop\ - folder and then connecting to an official server without any mods also led to the freeze. Apparently the freezes even occur in Single Player-Mode. The player was able to play before 29.06 fix without problems.

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We set up a test environment that has all of the mods you are running and could not reproduce the error. The freeze that happened a few weeks ago was due to a bug in the Mod Mismatch GUI’s restart component, that definitely is not happening here.

Could you have them post in the forums about his freezing issue? We can try and get info to see what is causing his specific case


First of all, a big thank you for testing and responding so quickly! :heart:

It was definitely not a mod-related problem.

  • Player was able to play without problems right prior to the 29.06.2020 patch
  • Player did not alter anything when the patch was rolled out
  • Player had latest drivers and updated Windows 10
  • Player had enough free harddrive-space
  • Dxdiag and Windows Error Log didn’t show any abnormalities
  • ConanSandbox.log did not show any abnormalities consistent with the crashes
  • Player experienced freezes even after deleting all mods from the steam\workshop folder and playing in single player
  • Player experienced freezes after reinstalling Conan Exiles with Steam

Last-Ditch-Solution (might be helpful for others experiencing the same problem):
Complete removal and re-installation of Steam AND Conan Exiles. Problem solved… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Same here - freezing, crash to desktop. Whats wrong FC??

Well if I have to uninstall steam and reinstall it plus the game if hardly call this a solution, I can’t play more than a minute without a hard crash that forces me to manually turn off my pc

I feel you, that’s why i wrote last-ditch… The player had only two games installed from his Steam library so it wasn’t that big of a deal.
Besides it weren’t complete windows hangups in that case, he was able to close the game with the task-manager.

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