Ingame MoF earning ( rather, the lack of )

Do you find that the lack of ability to earn MoF ingame is reducing your ingame play time ?
I am finding that since the value of many loot items has dropped on AH , that there are less opportunities to run with teams in Lairs, Dungeons and Regionals. This impacts the time that I can spend in Scenarios as well.
The minor bits of MoF I earn from the Daily Challenge(s) are supplemented by the occasional rare (blue) glyph drop from a Mission or side-mission loot bag, as well as selling off green weapon/talisman/glyph drops on AH.
All of this comes nowhere close to providing enough MoF to work on the goals I have for my character.
I realize that there is the option of buying MoF by trading in Aurum. That still doesn’t provide teams I can run with unless the team also buys Aurum. ( esp. the Tank).
I find myself losing interest in the game due to being wallet-gated.
Am I missing something? Am I misunderstanding how the game works?

did you try running kaidan side missions ? :stuck_out_tongue:
besides of this poor attempt of a joke, there is not much of ways for earning MoF (besides runnings multiples atls) since everything dropped in the AH as you mentionned
you can still do a bit of MOF with agents, but what a hell of a farm to get just one…
So yeah i do think like you that there is a lack of ways of playing/earning MoF in endgame :confused:

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I’ll let you know the next time I dip below 1m MoF.

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I might be missing something… but if the prices has dropped, don’t you need less MoF to get what you need as well?

its because you need MOF to get more keys (lair, dungeon, scen) so if what you drop from thes contents worth less than before, then you can do less of the same content, i think its more like that you have to see the problem

You are not. It’s a free to play game, so it’s either money or time. Alts can help get your main character aurum and marks, but you have to spend time playing them and also buy them in the first place.

Anyhow, the marks earning doesn’t reduce my play time personally. I don’t particularly enjoy doing more scenarios than I have keys for, or chain summoning regionals more often than occasionally.


Alts will help, but you won’t be able to develop them much due to passing their MoF over. Leaves them in the starter zones, I imagine. Less useful drops there too. Am not really interested in adding alts though, still very little in the way of MoF for time spent. Also, even if I did, still leaves the problem of being able to find teams to run the content needed for distills. They burn their keys, and done.

Alts don’t have to stay in the starter zone. I have one alt that finished Kaidan with a mix of green and blue gear, plus one purple made on the trip up the tower. Of course I had to spend the time playing that alt to get them there :slight_smile: So it’s an option but if it doesn’t appeal to you, it doesn’t.

I have over 800k MoF, bought every cache cosmetic, pet, sprint, 3 cache weapon, enough aurum to get myself a sprint for 500 aurum and both sprint 5&6.
I don’t see a lack of MoF the same as I don’t see a lack of Shards in my journey to now 8 (nearly 9…thx dusty fart) wings.
People spent MoF with both hands without willingness to supplement by aurum or time.
I always tell people that this doesn’t work.
One Kaidan run probably nets you over 10k in average and patrons are able to do that every 8 hours, even before you start selling the green stuff from roughly 100 bags and more (which nets 5k or so extra…or 25k shards).
Sure you can spent that in half an hour regionals but you aren’t really meant to farm regionals like a mad man and I think the game and funcom does a bad job at showing that. If you ask me the more people ask for ways to farm even more of those the more likely a nerf ala containers is likely.

But people believe that giving out more MoF just makes everything better…yeah until the aurum prizes start rising sharp and the AH starts reflecting the devaluation. Printing more money is never a good solution.

And I know I pick a fight with some high end people here but it would be dishonest to switch my views without good reason/A good point to get behind.


The issue you described in the thread doesn’t have much to do with how the game works. The daily MoF cap and the AH prices don’t let you open as many chests as you want to. That’s not really a mechanical issue, it’s just numbers not meeting your expectations.

Funcom is already adamant on regulating MoF generation and on reward chest costs. Every update they try to add more means of spending MoF as well, albeit poorly. Since almost nobody is taking their new MoF sinks, I wouldn’t expect them to tinker with their only working MoF sink. If you want to open more chests at the moment, you need more MoF. There’s no way around that.

The MoF requirements to develop an alt is trivial. I have one MoF grinding alt. IP 220, ready for South Africa. Only MoF investment I made on it was the first level of sprint and the gear fusion costs (which is probably less than 50k MoF total). Takes 10-15 minutes a day to generate 6.6k MoF. Occasionally finds blue gear, intricate glyphs, agents.

It will take you more time to get one up to speed if you start one now, but it will pay off on the long run if you intend to continue playing. Plus we never know what new grind/feature Funcom may add that could benefit having multiple characters in the future.


OP, as Starsmith says, you don’t need 3-pip items or even a good build to progress through the game. The story mode dungeons and zones are built around a character with starter combo of weapons and 2 pip items.

The main mechanical use of alts is to feed Aurum to your main. An alt doesn’t need to be able to do Elites or scenarios or raids, just do those dailies and pass the Aurum on up. That doesn’t stop them from leveing though, as all they need to level is the shards they earn.

If you don’t mind playing more in a sitting they are easily the most consistent method for getting more MoF.

A key issue comes in where you mention ‘not enough MoF to achieve the goals I have for my character’.

From my play, it seems that it is possible to play with significantly lower gear/expenditures than I see other people setting as their ‘standard’. Legendary gear is nice, probably not ‘necessary’. More than 2 agents is nice, not ‘necessary’. Maxed out, rare drop signets are nice, not ‘necessary’.

No matter how much MoF earning is in the game, somebody will say ‘that’s not enough to reach the goals I have for my character’. As long as somebody else has something ‘better’, people will want it.

It might be worth considering adjusting your goals to what you can achieve within the current game economy, rather than ask the entire game economy to be expanded to match your goals.


[quote=“MadBadger, post:13, topic:1661”]The OP said:
A key issue comes in where you mention ‘not enough MoF to achieve the goals I have for my character’.
That can be a reality in any game depending on what your goals are! I’d like to have a few million MoF so I could go shop on the AH for agents that haven’t dropped for me. But I don’t think changing the economy to make that easier is the way to go.

I don’t know what time you play, there seems to be groups forming for lairs, dungeon runs, raids at all hours so ??? Are you not in #Sanctuary? or #LFG?

I have a few alts, and its a communal effort getting what I want each to have as far as gear, agents, etc.

As others have said if you want marks you have to do alot of farming or get lucky on drops.

Good points, all, I appreciate the comments :slight_smile:
As far as the goals, any game I am in I expect to see progression. In this game I have managed to develop my character to a certain point, and was hoping to complete the NYR E10 raid. As it stands right now, my character falls short of being capable in that.
I want the Dungeons / Lairs / Regionals for the distills, which are not available otherwise except as a cash purchase. As a team-player I need to be able to carry my weight.
The economy has been allowed to tank, since last September / October. It used to be that teams could complete a wide variety of activities and pay for the keys with the AH earnings. No longer. It might be ( speculation ) that FC would prefer to monetize the progression themselves. Truthfully, its not so much my expectations as the lack of competitiveness with other games that is jarring. FC has an expectation that players pay a monthly, plus micro-transactions, yet doesn’t offer a good progression line to support players goal setting. The story-telling in SWL is beautiful, and I could see myself playing for that, but only on a casual basis. I can go elsewhere to get a sense of activity and accomplishment. (I’m not up to speed on the latest game psychology, but this suggests that FC is failing on some level)
As for the channels that offer teaming, I only became aware of the Global LFG channel today. I will be taking a closer look. I have been watching the ingame regular lfg channel, and the Lairs would be enticing to join, if I had keys left. Dungeons are a little trickier here, as there is no way of knowing who (what skills and capabilities) you are going to be running with. FC prides itself on making end game challenging. That is enjoyable, but requires a balanced team. My experience with the frequency of callouts doesn’t match yours, but perhaps the Global is more active.
The Sanctuary channel is a bit of a mystery to me, I must have dropped in on bad days for them. One of the last times I visited the channel I watched as players mocked and trolled another player looking for help. I had been previously cautioned that the channel could be a bit harsh at times. I know its not fair to the likely many good players in there, but if I want that type of behaviour I can return to my Eve character. ( hmm, even there, that type of behaviour can get you “killed” )
I have searched for a Discord server for Sanctuary, but all links I find are dead.
I have spent a fair bit of cash supporting the game, both TSW and SWL (relatively minor cash compared to others I know, though). I allowed my Patron status to lapse when I left the game for a while in October. ( RL had to be dealt with ). I haven’t as yet returned to Patron, and that decision is not yet made. I want to be able to play a game the way I want to play it and expect to do so, here or elsewhere. In my opinion, here progression is blocked, team-play is restricted. This has become more evident since last October, imo. I have a challenge in convincing myself the time spent is worth it. I would love for someone to tell me different.
Again, I do appreciate the comments. :slight_smile:

Apologies for the wall-of-text…

I have decent amount of MoF with one trick.
I sell every piece of cloth and weapons I get from caches. I dont use them myself.
This only works for Patron I quess.

This entire discussion made me realize something that’s probably a good sign for the game:

The only reason all these “make MoF off the AH” strategies can work is that SWL must actually have quite a few players who don’t care whether they’re Scrooge “SecretWorlder” McDuck.

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exactly the opposite. Funcom agrees with regional farming. That’s why they boosted them even more with agents instead of giving them, you know, to megabosses which were not worth doing before and are completely worthless now. Because they only yield fracture of reward. Like even from lairs you get the same amount of xp, but you get talisman and glyph XP instead of signets (PLUS you get the real reward which are regional essences).

So you got this wrong really.

without arguing about MoF itself this statement is also “wrong”. Unlike the real economy, most of the MoFs prices in game are fixed while only AH in reality is based on monetary base, somewhat, since there is not really controllable M0 for MoFs.

If more MoF were introduced it would be equal to lowering keys and clothes prices basically.

I think you may have missed something. Since early last fall, there has been a sharp drop in the value of things on AH. Too much loot, no-one wants it except as scrap. There is no “make MoF off the AH” anymore. Key prices have stayed the same, stopping players from playing as they can’t afford to unless they buy Aurum and convert to MoF. ( once they’ve used their daily allotment)

Do you have any actual proof of that being the case, as opposed to what they implemented being one big ‘well, they didn’t quite think that through’?

I have a bunch of MoF made from re-selling things that say you’re wrong. The problem isn’t actually nobody would buy at higher prices; the problem is there’s too many people feeling a need to run a million dungeons a day and chuck everything on the AH for peanuts. And yes, I just said you’re part of the problem.

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Yup, I’ve been running missions in the hopes of getting Agents. I do drop the loot ( green weps & talismans ) onto AH cheaply instead of converting to shards. Glyphs are the only thing I check prices on anymore. People still want those. (I do check prices on dungeon//Lair/Regional loot as well). Since there are AH fees, I can’t afford to list and relist, so first price I put on it has to be the price that sells. Not enough people to buy things to maintain value.