Input and output chests for crafting stations

Allow chests to be placed in upgrade slots for crafting stations, much in the same way you place thralls.

This would expand the inventory, and help the player organize. Things to be used in a station could be placed directly in the input slot, instead of storing it somewhere else and moving it later.

There are already the improved crafting stations for expanding capacity. As for inventory management, that is a player’s discretion as we all have our own preferences for how we sort things…

You can already place a chest beside your crafting stations, and even post a little sign above it saying “INGOTS” or “LEATHER” or what-have-you. Already works quite well for organizing large clans.

Improved crafting station makes you a whole new pletora of inventory space. Don’t be lazy dude :smiley:
Hmm… I like your idea tho… and in the meantime we should ask for redstone circuits too… Just kidding…

Funcom could take a look at how PixArk works.

Crafting stations have an preset area where they can draw materials from nearby placed chests.

Works like a dream and would love to see that in conan.