Instant Death after Log-in

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [EU #1043]

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  1. I died instantly after logging in to the server inside my base
  2. The shown reason of death was “You were killed by yourself”.
  3. I logged out in my usual log-out spot, where I logged out hundreds of times

I was on a modded server and everyone kept dying by themselves. Weird. Did not happen to me.

Hello @DunKalar, could you provide a screenshot of the exact spot where you logged out from, as well as of the event log with that message?

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happens A LOT, specially if you log out on a bed trying to RP a little.

On a bed is the only place I intentionally log out, but maybe my luck is better than some people’s. It happens very infrequently to me. Not often enough to worry about, and my possessions are right there next to me so I haven’t lost anything.

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It happened to me the other day on the only private server I can get on. Joined the server and died. It was happening before the updates as well. I heard somewhere the double bed was bugged but It happens with other beds as well, so that can’t be it. It is annoying though.

I have discovered is I log out on a placable, like a bed or bedroll, there is a chance I will di upon re-entry to the server. Since I stopped logging out on placables, I have not experienced this issue.

I suspect it is a sync error with the environment.

Never had this bug, i play only on official and i always logging out in my saferoom with 3 meter thick tier 3 walls, no bed there, but some chest with legendarys and a fridge for breakfast ready to go :slight_smile:

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