Instant Death: Starving while not starving

Game mode: [Online | Private Server]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU (Great Britain Server)]

We have purchased a server to play on through gportal. The server itself seems to work fine, no real crashing issues. Also, so far, no disappearing/invisible resources. However, the new issue is a combat/damage bug.

When you get involved in combat, the game randomly decides to deplete your thirst and hunger meters, even if they were full. As soon as you take a single hit from an enemy, the meters flash red and you die. The notice says you died to the enemy you were fighting, but it acts like you starved to death. This will happen several times in a row, making it almost impossible to recover your gear after death.

There really isn’t even a way to reproduce this bug, because sometimes it works perfectly normal, and there is no bug, and other times it starts happening and there is no way to fix it. The best shot is to reload the server and pray it doesn’t happen again.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
Cannot conclusively reproduce.

having this issue and many more.