Intentional DOS attacks on server

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash
Region: NA

I am on server 2575, and have started experiencing chain crashes again during PVP hours. Other players, who have more experience than I, have said this is now a widespread issue caused by clans fighting for Alpha who are launching intentional Denial of Service (DOS) attacks on the server. They have also stated this is a fairly common tactic in PVP games like Conan and Arc.

It seems to me like something that should be severely punished.

Until recently the crashing had almost completely stopped for me since I upgraded to an XBOX One X.

I do not want to name clans because people could be making false accusations, but I did want to see of the community or Kabam can shed any light on this.

Note that the server is not even close to full while this is happening. 22 people were on last night but I could not play.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try to login during PVP hours
  2. Crash back to console
  3. Repeat till your hair falls out
  4. Give up and drink scotch

Try Logging in into the single player mode for a couple min and after go online. I use an X and never crash if I do that.

This is not the first time on this server that it has happened. Over a month ago, we were set to raid a larger tribe and one night right before pvp it seemingly went down. None of us thought anything about it until we couldn’t get on all night. I posted in the “downed server list” and logged off for the night. None of our clan could get on let alone even see the server on the list. The next day we were able to log on again to find out that we had been raided and several vaults blown up. Maybe it was a coincidence but we had other friends that had never played on that server try to log in to it that night and they even couldnt. The clans that raided us were KOGA and pink panthers, which have now changed their name to warewolves. Shortly after we decided to move on because of that. Interesting that over a month later someone is bringing it up. This may be an issue that needs looked into.

Game also seems less stable since last crash… it is still crashing even late at night outside PVP hours when few people are on.

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