Clans DDOS-ing the server

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash
Region: EU
Server: Official Server #1102 PVP -

There are 2 Clans: AlliedWarMachine and X1 that have found a way to DDOS the server to prevent each other to raid their bases. So far they have done 4 consecutive server crashes in the last hour with confirmation in the Chat Log. Please take urgent action against them or find a way to prevent the crashes they are provoking! Everyone is pissed because we are thrown off the server due to these 2 clans actions! You are losing players due to clans who find it funny to kick everyone off the server just to deny their enemy the raid opportunity!

Similar tactic being employed on #1744, unknown clan names. I suspect ex-alpha’s that are getting trolled off the server by a much smaller clan or their friends that recently joined and are advertising their own private server in chat.

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