Invalid thrall, or invalid thrall following system?

My newly trained level 3 fighter with full royal gear just vanished.

He wasn’t even fighting, and then pup he just gone with event log saying “invalid thrall”

I look around the forum and see this problem being brought up too many times and not a single response, which is sad.

I hate to compare conan to ark (conan is better in many other aspects), but ark’s “thrall system” is fully done when they officially released the game, with command options and no random disappearance, and conan’s system is not even fully functional

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Same as today. Lvl 3 dancer.
Replace my invalid thrall pls Devs.

8 thralls in 2 days lost to… Invalid Thrall
If there is a QA department, I have to wonder if they are unpaid interns.
Someone please fix.

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