Invalid Thrall server 1310

I have this problem that my Thralls keep disapearing when they are on follow, and some unconsiuos Thralls dies as its dragged into my base. They disapear only when i try to get them to follow me in to the base tho. In event log it only says Invalid Thrall, or just the name of the Thrall, like Fighter Thrall. Nothing more. Last thing is that thralls disapear when i attach them to my rope. I have lost so many good lvl 3 Thralls this three ways. I need this to be fixed, it is ruining many hours of gameplay. ¨

One last thing. My Artisan Workbench just disapeard in front of my eye yesterday. It was full on materials and spikes that i just made. Plz help me get the items back, and help me get my thralls back.

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