Thralls disappearing

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US, Server 1512]

Thralls seem to be disappearing, just lost a carpenter 3, and a named armorsmith today for no apparent reason?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

You are not alone… I lost a following thrall because I climbed on the roof of my base while having the thrall on follow. Then I lost a whole blacksmith bench ahit a T4 blacksmith which was inside of a building (T2 insulated wood). It just disappeard after server restart (official server).

I will add to this bug for the reproduction steps for the admins/mods:

  1. I placed a thrall near our base’s gate. (In another instance, I placed it near another building, both on foundations, though).
  2. I chose the Follow option from the E-button’s radial menu (PC).
  3. I moved down the staircase, turned around and the thrall was gone.
  4. I tried relogging, asking the server admin to ghost through the floor to see if the thrall fell through the foundations (for the old bug where thralls would fall through the floor if a foundation was not completely connected to the ground in the case of stacked foundations). Neither a thrall was seen, nor an issue of connectivity.