Inventory and Mutation Overhead--Suggested Simplification

I have been enjoying this game so far, but I think the developers missed a fairly obvious opportunity to reduce the overhead in the 5-to-make-3 party structure. I suggest:

  1. Inventory for all characters be available in 5 columns visible at once to easily switch items from 1 character to another instead of dropping everything for a character you are planning to bench, then putting that equipment in for your inserted character.
  2. Mutations are also difficult to handle, because they are require the character to be in the group for inspection. For choosing active mutations, please give us 5 columns sectioned by mutation type with visible kill refresh info. That way, we can select all active mutations for a fight on one screen and make considerations for substitution to refresh others.

These 2 changes would take this game from 8.5 to 10 for me.