Inventory bug (Ghost Items + Ghost Weight)

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

This is a series of bugs that can be solved by killing your character (uncertain if that includes removing the bracelet to respawn).

The issues appeared as follows:

Sandstone Foundation item does not appear in inventory or quick menu after crafting, but will consume resources.
After testing the item will fail to appear in the inventory (and possibly add weight) IF all the quick menu slots (1-8) are occupied. Any one free slot will be taken by the crafted item, allowing it to be selected and used normally.

Iron Stone item will not appear in inventory or quick menu after harvesting, but its weight remains despite removing all visible items from the inventory and/or restarting the game.

NOTE: The worst problems seemed to resolve itself after a few restarts, sort of. I could suddenly harvest Iron Stone again, and by keeping a unit of the item in the inventory it allowed me to harvest more. Removing the unit resulted in more invisible Iron Stone. However, this did not solve the “ghost weight”, which was just piling up % after each test.

SOLUTION: As mentioned, killing the character solved all issues, including the ghost weight.
However, a selection of items that I had stashed in a box for safe keeping prior to the kill-test vanished! (hatchet, pick axe, stone sword, wooden shield, water pouch, all clothes, etc). The one thing I think they all had in common was that they were quite old items that I’ve kept and/or repaired repeatedly early into the game.

This item purge makes me suspect that the items that vanished where part of the problem that was causing these issues, but it’s just a guess.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:*

  1. Play for few hours in the desert starting area
  2. Run off to the east to explore the jungle area.
  3. Set up a new base near Penitent’s Crossing.
  4. Get infested with bugs you can’t eat.

* Sorry, but I have no idea how these bugs started, only that all bugs appeared pretty much simultaneously, during the same game session and just a few minutes after each other.