Inventory Crash

Game mode: [Offline, Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [Europe]

I get a crash when I open up the main inventory and try to place a tool overlapping another item in the inventory wheel. I seemed to be doing it quickly too. My PS4 console crashed at least 2-3 times today already.


  1. Open up inventory.
  2. Pick an item.
  3. Try to overlap an item in inventory wheel.
  4. Then crashes.

I seemed to be doing this at a quick pace due to the fact that it can be time consuming moving through slots e.g from inventory (left side) to crafting (ride side) and then to inventory wheel.

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Hey there @Elco

Our team is aware of this crash and they’re working on a fix for it already. No ETA on when it will be released but it should be soon.
Thanks for your feedback and welcome to our community.

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