Inventory disappeared when I logged in

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3507

Bug Description:

All my inventory deleted when I logged in

Bug Reproduction:

I logged out safely inside base and logged on with no corpse and everything deleted

After reading the event log, the server shutdown and restarted twice. It says I was killed by temperature.

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If you are in cold weather armor in a hot weather invrament or viscera you can die of temperature @MarverlousOne extreme

I’ve logged out at the same spot on this server for the last couple weeks, in the same tier armor with no issues. Odd this only happens during server reset.

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I don’t have a answer for you. Let me invite a friend @stelagel you have any suggestions? Good friend

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You have to give more. For example location? Do you sleep over or close to a working furnace? After you log out your armor doesn’t work and working furnace may kill you.

The closest thing is sacrifical stones and I logged out 3 blocks away. I recreated this without armor and im fine. Nothing on the event logs about temperature changes. Indoors f-6.

Maybe you endure an old bug. Try to sleep in a rag or a carpet next time and make sure you are not overencumbered when you log out.
The old bug was death on beds by great fall. Don’t ask how, but it was happening. Looking forward for your answer tomorrow fellow exile.


I’m having a similar issue on PC after the update. I sign out from a friend’s server, sign in and everything I have equipped and everything in my inventory is gone. Checking the event log this morning, it appears that for 13 minutes before the server reset, I was dying over and over again. While I was signed out in my base.

About every 4 seconds, the event log entry just says my character “was killed.”

Where I signed out has 100% shelter, but is on the River N00b, so sandstorms do come by. I was on my bed. When I signed in after checking our Siptah server, no death. The same error is not occurring on the Siptah server.