Inventory Items hard to see (lowered opacity?)

This started last night. I assumed it would be fixed if I logged out/in, but that apparently didn’t work.
I think I was over encumbered, and then dropped some items so that I could walk.
When I opened my inventory, all of my items were very difficult to see (as if the opacity had been lowered)

Some of you may be saying “well that happens when your items lose durability, etc”
And that’s not the kind of visible change I’m talking about.

These are resource items (stones, ironstone, wood, etc)
At first glance, my inventory looks empty. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice there are actually items in my inventory, they are just extremely difficult to see, because it looks like the opacity for those items is at 20%.

You might have turned the item filters on

OMG That was it, thank you!

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No problem I did the same the other day

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