Inverted sloped wedged roofs

First, i am using the GCAM-mod.
Aquilonian inverted sloped wedged roofs cannot been attached via bottom. I only tested these, because right now i must level thralls´n stuff :grinning:

Also, they (ISWRs) only snap to foundations and walls.
Btw. this is a complete new ability of transfering stability, which is weird. Normally tiles provide stability via the sides, not the corner. It´s like if you could attach wedged (flat) roofs with the corner. It would be more coherent if Inverted Sloped Wedged Roofs could be attached by their ascending sides! :thinking::wink:

Hey @Muelee

Does this issue also happen without any mods?

I uninstalled all mods now and tested it with most of the pieces: It works only with Thatched (tier 1) pieces!
Not with tier 2, insulatad, black ice, tier 3, kushan,aquil., turanian or yamatai.

And please consider the last sentence of my previous post. <3

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