Invisible Ban & White List

My server is public, for now. Within the admin panel, when I go to “online players” my drop-down box will not let me go past the first 8 viewable players to BAN them or Whitelist. Beyond that, I can hear that I’m scrolling down the list but we cannot view it.

One of my admins went into the PS4 players list and counted down the players until he found the character name we wanted to ban. He then went into the admin panel > players tab> then he highlighted the “ban” button and hit the downward directional pad, counting down until he invisibly got to 37. When he tapped the ban button, it sometimes displays the character’s name and other times it will say “do you want to be this player” so you really have no idea whooo you are banning.

Same thing goes for my Ban and Whitelist box. We can see unban or delete whitelist tab buttons but there are no visible names in these boxes. Please help. Someone. I’ve already talked to G-Portal, they directed me here saying it was a FunCom in-game issue.

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